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Do You Know The Plan When Severe Weather Happens?

Between now and June Texas is in the midst of severe storm season. We all know severe storms (tornadoes, hail, high winds) can happen any time in Texas. 

With that in mind, Wednesday, April 7th is designated as Safe Place Day. Take a few minutes to determine what you and your family would do if a Tornado Warning were issued for your neighborhood.

If it is a closet, is it cleaned out enough for your family and pets to get in and be comfortable for an hour or so? 

Have you planned ahead and placed bottled water in your safe place?

Do your family and friends know the location of your safe place so they can direct rescuers to you?

The National Weather Service would like you to share selfies of you and your family in your “Safe Place.” Post them to

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to consider a “Safe Place” at work, too.