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20 -21 Frequently Asked Questions


Waverly Park Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions 

August, 2020

Dear parents,

As we prepare to begin this new school year online I want to provide you with some helpful information that you might need as you prepare your family for the weeks ahead. 


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


When will school start? We start classes on September 8th and all classes are online for the first 4 weeks. Starting October 5th, families will select to continue online learning or start in person learning. 

Do I need to buy school supplies? Our school will provide some consumable textbooks to get students started with online learning. At this time, it is not required but you may purchase items if you see a need. Our supplies list are posted on our school website at There might be some community drives with free supplies at Fort Worth’s community centers and other non FWISD agencies.  Keep an eye of Facebook and social media, you might need to pre-register for those non- FWISD events.


Will the school give out more computers? Yes, we are waiting for a delivery of more Chromebooks. These will be given out to those who need them as soon as they are available. We will communicate this information to you via social media, and phone calls. The whole planet is purchasing Chromebooks and laptops. FWISD will deliver a device per household. For home with more than 3 students, a second laptop might be loaned.

How will we know who my child's teacher will be? All registered students will receive meet the teacher invitations including their teacher's name. Make sure to register so you can receive an invitation. Please make sure that a working phone number is posted in your parent portal account and the email address that you monitor daily is there.


What will "Meet the Teacher" look like? We will host a “Google Meets” meet the teacher event for each grade level. Teachers will introduce themselves and we will go over schudules and virtual instruction procedures as well as grading, discipline and attendance.


How will I get information about how to start the first day of class? At the meet the teacher event, we will share all the information that you need. You can also check our webpage

At where teachers will soon be posting their Google classroom information as well as their Google Sites for each teacher. Google Classroom codes will not be posted. Our teachers will send you an email with instruction and the code to join the class.


Do students wear uniforms for online clases? No. Uniforms are for in person learning. We do recommend that students get ready for their day of learning with daytime clothes. Solid colors are always welcome. Nothing that would distract other students. Pajamas or underwear t-shirts are not allowed during virtual instruction.


How long does my child sit in front of a screen for online learning? Students in grades K-5 will receive 4 hours of learning daily and Pre-k will receive 3 hours. The time is not all spent in front of a screen. While there will be lots of scheduled interaction with the teacher, there will also be videos, games, activities, assignments, and projects. Teachers will host daily live lessons, small groups, and have a daily schedule for interaction and help. If a student cannot join the live interactive lessons, we will post the recorded lesson for students to access later when the parents are home to help. 

How will you take attendance? Students should participate every day by joining the live classes or viewing the recording later. If a student is absent for the live lesson they will still need to access the learning topics for that day by watching the video and making a connection with the teacher. Students need to connect in some way with their teachers each. A connection can also be made to discuss learning by email, by text, by chatting in Google, by submitting an assignment, or calling by phone. 

What platform will be used? All students in grades K-5 will use Google Classroom and Google Meet. Pre-K will use SeeSaw. We will provide instructions and videos to help parents understand how to use these platforms. 


Will this be the same as March? No, it will be more organized and interactive. Teachers have received training and tools to organize their efforts. If you have any questions or concerns we can talk about solutions. 

How can I help my children if they don't understand a lesson? The teachers will have a scheduled time to answer questions and work with students in smaller groups to explain anything that is unclear. 

Will the school distribute more Hotspots? We are waiting for a shipment of Hotspots. We'll let you know as soon as they are ready to be picked up by those who need some. 

How will grades be issued? Students will get traditional grades. The "Pass/ Fail" method will not be used any longer. 


Who can help me with technology problems? If the issue is simple, the teacher can help. If the issue is more complicated like getting a new password, a broken computer, or a faulty Hotspot you can call the school and we will provide immediate assistance. Also you should  email Callie Thompson, our AP, at  Parents will receive some quick reference guides and videos to solve common problems. 


What should I do if my family is experiencing hard times and it is affecting students? We have two counselors that can help and we have access to lots of community resources. Call the school to speak with the counselor and we can show you any assistance that is available. You are never alone!


What will in person learning look like at Waverly Park ? The District webpage has information that you can review at We will soon be sharing details about Waverly Park's live re-opening for those who are considering attending in person starting October 5th.