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Read a book today Tigers! Click here to take an AR quizz



AR is up and running. YAY!! It is a new program and looks a little bit different this year. It has a new URL. You will also have a new log in.


To access AR, please go to the following website... copy and paste the link in your browser. You will want to bookmark the site or create a shortcut on your desktop once you are there. *DO NOT GOOGLE “AR.” IT WILL NOT WORK. YOU MUST USE THE ADDRESS BELOW.

Your new login is S and then your student id Example - Your password is your student i.d. number only… Example – 1234567. There is no letter S on your password.

Once you log in, the program should look familiar to you. We will just be practicing for a few weeks. I have not set any goals yet. Please DO NOT take a STAR test until your teacher tells you to do so. I am not anticipating any issues, but if you have problems, you can email me, check in with me during my office hours from 1:00-1:30 p.m. or drop me a message in my Google Classroom. My classroom code is ez4l5gx. (The letter next to the number 4 is a lowercase letter L)

Thanks! Happy Reading!

-Ms. Covi