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Deaf Ed Resources - Recursos para estudiantes sordos


Disclaimer: All these resources are combined here for your convinence and information. Waverly Park and FWISD are not committed to purchase them. 


Texas Sensory Support Network & TEA Website



🚨 Attention Deaf Education Service Providers 🚨

If you work with DHH children and their families, this message is for you!
Maybe you’ve been using “ASL at Home” (or plan to in the future) for working with families, but maybe you feel like you need some guidance or materials to help you teach the curriculum.
Well, guess what? Our “Learn ASL at Home” Class Kit is now available in our webstore at! Just click the "Get it now!" button, then "Teaching Materials" and you'll find it easily.
📖 The “Learn ASL at Home” Class Kit 👩‍💻
What’s included?
⭐️ 5 instructional slide decks
⭐️ 4 receptive practice slide decks
⭐️ 1 fingerspelling-focused slide deck.
That’s a total of 10 slide presentations!
⚠️ Customization ⚠️
Our course is designed for 2-hour sessions once weekly over 5 weeks, but maybe that set-up won’t work for the classes in your organization. We offer customization!