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Would you like to become a Versia L. Williams Volunteer?

Email Ms.Soria or Mrs. Garcia to learn how- or

  • Running off papers
  • Office Support
  • Putting up bulletin boards
  • Assisting the Parent Liaison 

 Requests not to be made:

  • Testing or assessing students
  • No assisting with data entries 
  • No grading papers
To become a VLW Volunteer you MUST have an account in VOLY ~ Learn how to sign up through VOLY below: 

VLW Parents ~  It is so important that you register through the VOLY system. The new VOLY system is how we will track and authorize volunteers to participate in events on campus, chaperone field trips, classroom support, presentations and more.  If you have not yet registered in the VOLY system PLEASE follow the link HERE.  Make sure you complete all the steps!  

VOLY will prompt you to 1) create an account, 2) authorize a background check (all background checks expire on June 30 of the previous year), 3) click through an orientation slide show and click the box indicating completion (see images below to confirm orientation completion).  The background check may take 1-2 days to complete.  You will receive an email upon completions that will provide you links to sign up for volunteer opportunities on our campus.

VOLUNTEERS: If you signed up for a volunteer shift please confirm that you have not been "waitlisted" AND that you signed up for the correct Volunteer Opportunity.

Once you have completed your volunteer shift you can log in and track your own hours that are attached to the volunteer opportunity. The volunteer must be actively checked in to that opportunity. Once that happens, the volunteer can log hours themselves any time, from their account, by following these steps:

• Log in as a volunteer at 
• Click on ‘My Hours’ on the dashboard
• Select ‘Log Hours’
• Click on the opportunity they want to log hours for
• Follow the prompts

Many of our amazing volunteers have missed the signature step at the end of the orientation slide show.  When you reach the final slide scroll down until you see the signature boxes (image below) fill in your name, date, click the box and save signature.  If you miss this step you will not be notified and you will not be able to sign up for Volunteer Opportunities.

orientation pic 2 Orientation Completion 1