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JOI Club Campaign to Provide Clean Water in Developing Nations

Everyone deserves clean water

Right now, over 600 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water! More people die due to waterborne diseases than AIDS, malaria and all world violence combined. A child dies every 90 seconds from EASILY preventable diseases... all because they do not have access to basic clean water.


But we can change all of that! In fact, we already have been! 


Thirst Project is a movement of students all over the world, raising awareness about the global water crisis and helping to end it. Since 2008, students have raised over 10 million dollars and provided hundreds of thousands of people from 13 different countries with safe, clean drinking water.


Thirst Project is 100% nonprofit, meaning ALL of the money we raise will be used to fund freshwater wells. They hire local drillers to drill deep down into the earth's crust to access naturally occuring water tables! Then, after installing a freshwater well, communities can draw up safe, clean water for their people!  


With a freshwater well, women and children spend less time walking to collect water and more time providing for their families and getting an education. A well improves economic productivity, food security, educational opportunities and so much more. Clean water truly changes everything!


It only takes $25 dollars to give ONE person clean water for LIFE, and $12,000 funds an entire freshwater well for a community in need.

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