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Get Set Up Online with FWISD’s Virtual Learning “Step Two” Video

Along with creating a learning space in your home, you will also want to get set online. This brief Fort Worth ISD Forward video shows you how. We call it Step Two: Your Digital Checklist. 

This second video in a series introduces the learning platforms and programs that teachers, students, and parents will use for online learning. It also shows parents and students how to access them. 

As you know, all instruction and learning for the first four weeks of school at Fort Worth ISD will be virtual. Students will get their best start to the school year by preparing before the first day of school, September 8. 

If you missed it, be sure to watch Step One – Create Your Space, which shows you how to set up an effective home learning space and a schedule that works for everyone. You may also view this longer form video that covers these same topics in more detail. 



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