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FWISD Begins Summer Launch Learning

Fort Worth ISD officially begins its Summer Launch learning program on Wednesday June 23. More than fourteen thousand students have signed up for this first-of-its-kind opportunity. Think of it as an exciting makeover to summer learning. And one of the biggest changes? It’s for everyone this year – K-12. 

From now until July 22, Summer Launch will allow students to catch up or accelerate their learning and recover credits lost due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. Breakfast, lunch and transportation are provided.

“Summer learning in Fort Worth is not just a school district endeavor,” said Dr. David Saenz, FWISD chief of innovation. “We are moving to a holistic city-wide approach that allows for various ways our families can access summer learning that fits their needs.” 

Summer Launch is learning at its most fun and engaging. Partners such as Read Fort Worth, Clayton YES, and United Community Centers are assisting the District in providing high-quality, high-energy learning experiences. Some courses are even putting students in off-campus settings, such as museums. 

“Our Academics team has worked with over 100 summer learning providers to ensure we are aligned around the Fort Worth ISD Literacy Framework,” said Dr. Saenz.

Grades K-8 are being taught entirely in person.

  • Every course offering is tied to literacy and math.
  • Partner organizations are providing the enrichment component of the program, in schools and off-campus locations. Parents can learn more about the Read Fort Worth component
  • Literacy and math are being embedded in enrichment courses, as well as academic courses.

At the middle school level, FWISD we’re offering summer learning opportunities at many campuses. Students who failed two or more math or literacy courses are being given priority.

At the high school level, students are participating in either of these two ways or both:

  • In Person
    • Any student who failed two or more STAAR courses (such as English 1, English 2, Biology, Algebra, U.S. History) has been invited to participate.
    • Students who failed one STAAR course and another class have also been asked to attend.

Thank you to all district staff that are helping in this monumental endeavor. And a special Thank You to the teachers for committing to serve during the summer.



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