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University of Texas at Arlington Covid-19 Initiative

UTA School of Social Work interns are partnering with the Tarrant County Independent School District to connect those in need with local community resources and assistance.  

We are offering services in many areas such as:    

 · Help in getting basic needs met, such as food, housing, utilities, clothing, and transportation.   

· One on one coaching with stressors you may have regarding transitioning to online classes, budgeting during this uncertain time, time management, and others.   

·  Referrals back to campus for academic and financial aid needs.    

·  Peer support groups that will meet virtually.   

·  Family support and resources.   

·  Information and resources related to COVID-19; and   

·  Other referrals for any needs you may have.  

Attached are the flyers listing other resources provided by UTA. 

Flyer 1 English

Flyer 1 Spanish

Flyer 2 English

Flyer 2 Spanish