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Important Information for Families of Graduating Seniors - Graduation Communication

Visitors at the Graduation

Doors will open 1 hour before the Graduation.

  • PARKING is FREE at all FWISD Graduations
  • Departure – Families should expect to be directed to depart immediately after graduation as we have back to back graduations scheduled and venues will need time to clean and set up between each ceremony.
  • Only clear bags/purses will be admitted at the Wilkerson-Greines ceremonies.
  • Non-permissible items – air horns, cow bells or any items that make loud noises are not allowed at any Graduation.
  • Flowers and balloons at all Graduations. (Wilkerson Greines and Dickies Arena)
  • Visitors are welcome to bring posters and flowers.
  • Helium balloons are NOT allowed inside
  • There will be vendors at the Dickies Arena selling graduation items.