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Mr. Avalos Retirement

Mr. Avalos,

Even with all the restrictions and safe distancing, Ms. Hightower and Ms. Phan were able to organize a good and safe lunch. (That's how good they are !!! ).

Thank you, Ms. Phan, Ms. Gamez and Ms. Martinez, Ms. Rema, Ms, Deakins, Ms. Johnson and Janie for assisting Ms. Hightower in putting together this great lunch.

Thank you Ms. Hightower for all the work you put in to bring the delicious home cooked food to us. Thank your mom for me those delicious beans, definitely the best beans in town!

Also, Thank you to my colleagues, and staff members that joined me during lunch.

Thank you for the nice presents: Ms. barber, Ms. Foster, Ms. Phan, Ms. Deakins, Ms. james, and Ms. Williams.

I want to thank Janie and all of you that contributed ca$h to the "Avalos foundation". I sincerely hope that your generosity will multiply back to you in blessings of all kinds.

Once again, thank you all, and I apologize ahead of time if I forget to mention anyone.


Abraham Avalos