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UIL Mentors Needed!

Parent Volunteers ~ Would you like to help mentor students in preparation for the upcoming UIL event on May 18th?  We need your help.  We'll begin meeting each Wednesday beginning April 24th from 3:15 to 4:00 pm after school. If you're interested in helping please email Ms. Rainone here or Ms. Feldman here.

Below is a list and brief description of the events students will be preparing for: 

Art - Grade 3-6 

Chess Puzzles - Grades 2/3, 4/5 - a 20 question test regarding chess moves and strategies

Creative Writing - Grade 2 - Using a prompt and pictures, students write a creative story

Dictionary Skills - Grade 5 - Paper dictionaries are used to answer questions that can be found in every area of the dictionary 

Listening - Grade 5 - Students listen to passages and answer questions regarding main idea, facts and details, author's purpose, conclusion, etc.

Maps, Graphs, and Charts - Grade 5 - Students use an atlas to locate information, ake comparisons, use a scale and interpret legends and keys

Number Sense - Grades 4-5 - Students make quick mental calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematical notation

Oral Reading - Grades 4-5 - Students read a poem, short story, and/or children's fiction aloud in presentation format in front of a judge or judges

Ready Writing - Grades 3/4, 5 - Students are given a choice between 2 prompts and must write and engaging passage

Social Studies - Grade 5 - Students answer questions regarding history, government systems, economics, citizenship, and culture

Spelling - Grades 3/4, 5 - Students write down words given by pronouncer at a rate of 5 words per minute

Story Telling - Grades 2-3 - Students listen to a storyteller read a brief story only once and then retell the story in their own words before a judge or judges