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Inclement Weather Dismissal Plan

Dear Parents,

In preperation for the possibility of rain, we have attached the current rainy day dismissal HERE which is the same as in years past. Any rainy day dismissal plan, by nature, will not be the most convenient process for both the school and those who pick up which makes the call to institute the plan a difficult decision. In fact the last time we decided to institute a rainy day dismissal, it stopped raining at exactly 3pm. My goal is to continue to study and refine our current procedures. As soon as we decide any changes, we send out the full plan. For now, we will maintain the procedures as written on the plan. If you are walking up to the school to pick up your elementary ages child, during a rainy day dismissal, we ask that you enter the courtyard and pick your elementary age child using the side doors of the Gymnatorium. This will allow us to isolate the main doors as an exit door only for kids who are being called out to the car pool for a rainy day dismissal. We very much appreciate your support and patience with this dismissal. If we institute this dismissal plan, we will send out an email using the school district message/email system. Please reach out if you have any questions or need more informaiton.


V. Eugenio, Principal