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Rainy Day Inclement Weather Dismissal Plan

Dear Daggett Montessori Parents,

In order to ensure the safety of all students, we will continue to implement inclement weather dismissal procedures when we are unable to escort students outside due to inclement weather.  Please read the new procedures carefully.  Rainy day dismissal will occur: (a) if it is steadily raining; (b) there is thunder and/or lightening or outside temperature is below freezing.  A decision for inclement weather dismissal will be made at 2:45 pm.  Once the decision is made at 2:45 there will be NO CHANGES.  

Dismissal will be similar to morning drop-off.  At 2:55, all elementary students will go to the gymnatorium.  Parents will pull into the circle drive.  A DMS staff member will approach a car.  The driver of the car will state the names of the student(s) they are there to collect.  The DMS staff member will radio to the gymnatorium to retrieve the student(s).  Once the student(s) are in the car, the car line will exit and additional cars will move into line.  Parents are more than welcome to come into the gymnatorium to pick-up their child, however we ask that you please go to the side gate on Jessamine and either park north on Lipscomb or across from the main office.  Please walk to the side gymnatorium door and a staff member will call your student to the door. Please remember that there will be no parking on the side street of Lipscomb.

Parents of middle school students are encouraged to coordinate a personal plan with their student. ALL walkers and bike riders will stay at school until a parent has been contacted.  The parent will make a decision on what their student will do.  Bus riders will be dismissed from the middle school gym.  Any students remaining after 3:15 p.m. will be taken to the main office. 

Inclement weather dismissal procedures take an adjustment on all of our parts. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to ensure a safe dismissal for all of our students.  Please contact the main office if you have any questions about these procedures. We are here to help. The office number is (817) 814-6300. 


Veronica Delgado