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Free Dinners for the Under 18 Crowd!

Students can have a free dinner every school day before they go home. Any child can go to the small cafeteria after school and pick up a free sack dinner, even if it's your personal child or if it's your student's sibling.
They do not have to do anything, just say their name and grab a meal. If you are having after school tutoring, please send them down before they start or after they are finished for a free meal.
If you do something with students most days after school, you can arrange to pick up a designated amount of meals and have it in your room when your students arrive after school. This will help speed up the process and assure that your students get fed. If you want to pick up meals for your students, just email me (Christopher Lunsford)  and I will walk you through the process, it is very simple.
Again, please tell your students each period today so they hear it over and over. Especially your 8th period.
Free dinner for anyone 18 or under, not just NS students.
In small cafeteria.
Serving starts at 3:40 and ends at 5:30.
First come, first served.