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Yearbooks 2020-21 Information

Hey all! I created two videos yesterday, the first video is recorded for the senior class of 2021. This video covers the last day for senior pictures, how and by when to purchase a yearbook, how to purchase your senior picture and how and when to purchase a senior ad. The important take away from the video that you can help communicate to your seniors is:

  1. March 10th will be the final date for all pictures, staff, seniors and any in-person underclassmen.
  2. Senior pictures are purchased through the email address 
  3. Pre-order of yearbooks is a MUST this year! I will order the least amount of books as possible based off of pre-orders. Please order by March 12th.
  4. Senior Ads


You can view "Class of 2021 Video.mp4" at:


There is also a underclassmen video...soon your yearbook staff will be sending out surveys to all students that attend North Side High School! In addition to gathering information we hope to include in the yearbook, the survey that will go to the 9th, 10th and 11th graders will specifically ask virtual students to submit a “selfie yearbook photo” that will be included in a special virtual student section of our yearbook. This video helps clarify questions on what our picture expectations will be.


You can view "Underclassmen.mp4" at:


Thank you for your help in distributing this information! Share wherever you would like, I am able to share it on my Google classroom, so I hope you will too.

 Take the surveys for your class and help us collect information for this year's yearbook. 

seniors    underclassmen

*Click appropriate image for survey redirect



Did you miss buying a yearbook?  NSHS is opening up past yearbook copies for sale.  Get your missing copy now!