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North Side Scholarship

If you have seniors, please post this link to the application for the North Side Scholarship.


For those of you that do not know about this scholarship, here are some details:

In 1934, the painting October Taos by Oscar E Berninghaus was purchased and donated to NSHS by the Grand Ave. Cattle and Livestock Association. During the 1982-83 school year, it was discovered that the painting had appreciated in value and was eventually sold for $150,000. The proceeds were invested in a scholarship fund for NSHS students. In 1992, Mr. Charles Wollner, graduate of NSHS and  co-founder of Panther City Oil and Grease, bequeathed an additional $150,000 to this fund for scholarship purposes. Each year, the interest from this account is awarded to deserving graduates of our school. A copy of the painting is hanging in the main building.

This scholarship is open to all graduates planning to attend college, university, or technical school. Students must have award letters and their FAFSA /TAFSA completed to be eligible. All documents must be received by May 14th.


October Taos