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Fort Worth Independent School District Offers Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services for Students

Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) provides a comprehensive behavioral health program to support students facing various mental health challenges. Through its Family Resource Centers (FRC), the district offers counseling, psychiatric care, and other services to students and their families.

The referral process for accessing the FRC services is straightforward. If school staff determines that a student would benefit from behavioral health services, they speak with parents/guardians about the reasons for a referral and receive verbal consent to make a referral. School staff can call the FRC with the parent to get the first appointment scheduled. Alternatively, parents can self-refer by filling out a referral form or calling the FRC directly.

FRC staff will contact the guardian within 48 business hours of receiving the referral to schedule the intake. Guardians have the option to meet with an FRC-licensed clinician either in-person or virtually. FRC clinicians will determine with guardians the needs of the student/family and which options are best suited for the family, taking into consideration any limitations or barriers. Once the FRC intake is completed, school staff will receive a notification of which agency will be treating the family if the parent/guardian agrees to services.

The FWISD's Family Resource Centers can help address a wide range of issues, including substance use, behavioral concerns at campus or home, mental health treatment, assessment, counseling, psychiatric care, grief and loss, anger/aggression, trauma, gender identity issues, eating disorders, parent/child relational issues, stress and anxiety, parenting, social skills, sadness/loneliness, and suicidal ideation (low or moderate).

The keys to success for the program include strong communication between the parent, school staff, FRC, and provider, the parent having a good relationship with the school staff making the referral, and the parent having a good understanding of why they are being referred to the FRC.

For unsuccessful referrals, school staff will be informed if the FRC staff was unable to contact the parent/guardian after three attempts and messages. School staff should reach out to the parent and connect them directly with the FRC so an appointment can be scheduled. If a parent no-shows for an appointment, FRC staff will continue to try and reschedule intakes. If they are unable to reschedule, school staff will be notified that the parent no-showed the intake, and school staff should follow up with the parent to determine whether or not they would like to continue seeking services.

Fort Worth Independent School District's comprehensive behavioral health program is a vital resource for students and families. It is committed to providing support to ensure that students can thrive both academically and personally.

For more information, please visit the FWISD Family Resource Centers homepage or contact your child's school.