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The WE ARE PASCHAL (WAP) fundraising campaign kicks off Wednesday at Open House!

Donate Now Online!   or Print form to send in a check

WAP, Paschal PTA's only fundraiser and the only way many of the programs that make Paschal special are funded, includes a fall Write-A-Check campaign that goes from Open House until Homecoming. 100% of every donation to our no-overhead fundraiser directly benefits our students and teachers!


This year our goal is to raise at least $85,000. What do we do with these funds?


Programs to be Funded by the WAP Campaign:

  • Courtyard Improvements
  • Cover for Outdoor Seating
  • Updated Sound System
  • Large Screen for School Presentations
  • Academic Competitions
  • Courtyard Improvements 
  • Updated Software
  • Field Trips 
  • Professional Development
  • Teacher Wish List
  • School Newspaper