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KERA News Story Features Paschal HS Trinity River Turtle Survey Project

A recent KERA News story puts a spotlight on the Trinity River Turtle Survey at Fort Worth ISD’s Paschal High School.turtle

Launched in October 2017, the Trinity River Turtle Survey is a three-year project that traps, weighs, measures and tags turtles for tracking before releasing them back into the Trinity River. The survey is funded with a grant from the Texas Christian University College of Education Andrews Institute and is executed by Paschal High School students and teacher Andrew Brinker.    

Through the study, students research the algae on turtles’ backs, analyze their toenails for mercury concentration, determine growth rates, population and movement through the Trinity River via tracking devices.  Turtle behavior and determining the sex of the reptiles is also part of the research collected. 

Read -- and hear -- more about the story on the KERA website.