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Dunbar High School Students Plan to Leave a Legacy by Painting a Mural They Designed for Their Historic Neighborhood

Art students at Dunbar High School have designed a mural that will be both a legacy and a gift to their community when they graduate. The students, guided by their art teacher and a DFW muralist, will paint the mural on the wall of Ramey Market in the Historic Stop Six Neighborhood the week they return from Thanksgiving. Each day from 8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., the students will work on their original art.

About 15 students in Dunbar High School art teacher Devyn Gaudet’s class embraced the idea for the mural in September. Working with muralist John Ortega, the students are now ready to make their classroom design a reality. They are not alone. This art project is part of the Historic Stop Six Initiative, which has brought together partners to support the community and its students.

Community volunteers spent the first half of November preparing the exterior wall of Ramey Market for the students’ mural. Members of the Dads of Dunbar, which was organized last year to get more dads and father figures involved in their children’s education, will construct the scaffolding necessary for painting the mural. On November 26-27, muralist John Ortega will outline the mural design to get it ready for the students to paint beginning November 28. When the mural is complete, each student will leave their legacy with their personal signature on the artwork. The student mural’s “big reveal” will take place at a special unveiling event Saturday, December 10.

The partners for this mural project include Dunbar High School, Historic Stop Six Initiative, Fort Worth Police Department, Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration/Plan4Health Grant, Black Firefighters Association, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth. 

Stop Six was the sixth stop on the old inter-urban train line that ran between Fort Worth and Dallas and was operated by the Northern Texas Traction Company. The Historic Stop Six Initiative was created to develop a stronger educational foundation for children, build stronger families, and revitalize the community by empowering its citizens.



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