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A Statement from Superintendent Kent P. Scribner regarding the future of Tanglewood Elementary School

For the past few months our community has examined several options regarding overcrowding at Tanglewood Elementary School.

First, we are profoundly appreciative of everyone who has shared their thoughts. Over the past three months you have provided us with your opinions, perspectives, and rationales. Many of you have written emails to our Feedback forum.  Others have taken surveys and participated in more informal gatherings.  I am very grateful for all of you who have brought thoughtful and informed remarks. 

As I’ve said, this is not an “either/or” consideration.  As our community grows and prospers, it’s a “both/and” scenario. I also made a promise to share this decision with you in advance of the second board meeting in June.

Therefore, at next Tuesday’s board meeting, I will recommend that the District undertake the building of a new K-5 school in the Tanglewood attendance zone, while continuing much-needed improvements to the current Tanglewood Elementary.

The new school will reflect the same culture, climate, and commitment that make Tanglewood Elementary an exemplary campus. As we go forward, I will fulfill my pledge to meet with neighborhood associations and families to aid us in determining boundary lines for the new school.  

  • This state of the art campus will relieve overcrowding.
  • The location is still to be determined, but likely west of Hulen.
  • The attendance zone will be created within the lines of the existing Tanglewood boundary.

Again, I am grateful for your continued input and support and look forward to working with you in the future.  




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