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Teaching Trust Collaborates with FWISD to Build Campus Teams

A renowned North Texas-based educational group, Teaching Trust, will collaborate with 14 Fort Worth ISD schools to build leaders at all levels and strengthen campus cultures for years to come.  The initiative is a joint effort by the Texas Education Agency, Fort Worth ISD, and the Region 11 Education Service Center. A TEA grant will provide funding. 

“We believe that the job of leaders is not to create followers; the job of leaders is to create other leaders,” said Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “This is exactly what the Teaching Trust project will do in engaging not only principals and administrators, but teachers at each campus.”

The schools are: Bonnie Brae ES, Lowery Road ES, Rufino Mendoza ES, Charles Nash ES, West Handley ES, Maudrie M. Walton ES, J. Martin Jacquet MS, W.C. Stripling MS, and Benbrook Middle-High School.

Additionally, all five of the District’s new Leadership Academies will be a part of the initiative.  They are:FWISD Leadership Academy at Como ES, FWISD Leadership Academy at Maude Logan ES, FWISD Leadership Academy at Mitchell Blvd. ES, FWISD Leadership Academy at John T. White ES, and the FWISD Leadership Academy at Forest Oak MS.

Teaching Trust will work with five to seven individuals at each campus to build “accountable, collaborative” teams made up of teachers, administrators, data coaches, and principals. The group will focus on instruction, data practice, team effectiveness and school culture.

“It takes a team to lead and operate a school in a way that drives sustained, significant academic outcomes,” said Patrick Haugh, CEO of Teaching Trust.  “We take great pride in working with our partners and schools to help them succeed in supporting highly effective teachers in every classroom and for every student.”

The work will start with an intensive, week-long training period on July 31.  The teams from all of the campuses will be brought together and guided in day-long sessions in which the trainers “go deep” in instruction, lesson plan alignment, and other topics.  The team leaders are given the tools and lessons to take back to their respective campuses.

This is followed by ten monthly sessions in the course of a year, with coaching and check-ins in between the sessions.  The first cohort will include not only the campus leaders, but also four District-level directors in ongoing skill building and leadership development.

TEA support of this initiative is part of a broader plan to shape a statewide approach to supporting instructional leadership development.

Founded by Rosemary Perlmeter and Ellen Wood in 2010, Teaching Trust fills a critical gap in the Dallas-Fort Worth educational landscape as the only organization focused exclusively on training, developing, and supporting new principals, school leadership teams, and teacher leaders across North Texas.   Teaching Trust provides training and support for current educators working in low income schools across North Texas which included 600 leaders in 120 schools, reaching 65,000 children in the 2016-2017 school year.  Teaching Trust partners with Dallas ISD, Uplift Education, KIPP DFW, Irving ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, and now Fort Worth ISD to ensure school leaders and leadership teams develop essential skills and receive the support they need to improve educational outcomes for all students.