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FWISD Survey Welcomes Feedback Regarding District Climate, Culture

The Fort Worth ISD wants to know: how are we doing?

From December 2-20, District students, staff, parents and the community at large are asked to participate in the 2019-2020 Stakeholders’ Climate Survey. The poll, which takes an average 15 minutes to complete, allows stakeholders the opportunity to offer anonymous feedback on the District’s climate and culture, what’s working well and where they perceive gaps or opportunities for improvement.

And for the first time, students, teachers, principals and parents at the secondary school level may offer feedback about their child’s classes and school day schedules. They will be asked to assess things such as content, student interest.  

The survey is open for three weeks. Access the survey now at

The 2019-2020 Stakeholders’ Climate Survey is open to:

  • School administrators (principals, assistant principals)
  • Students (third- 12th graders)
  • Parents and guardians of FWISD students
  • Teachers (all grade levels)
  • Non-instructional school staff (school monitors, cafeteria workers, etc.)
  • District staff (central administration, bus drivers, maintenance)
  • Fort Worth community (at-large)

District students and staff will be asked to enter their student or employee ID number to authenticate their association with the District. Vital demographic data will be added to the data file automatically; however names and other individual identifiers will not be included in the data set. To protect respondents’ confidentiality, no data will be broken down at the campus level in such a way that would allow for individual student or staff identification.

Respondents may take the survey multiple times based on their roles. For example, an employee who has children attending school in the District may complete the survey, without the ID authenticator, as a parent or community member. Parents may complete surveys for each school their children attend. 

The survey is available in seven languages for parents and community members including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Swahili, Somali, Burmese and Nepali. Surveys for students, teachers and principals are English-only, and available in Spanish and English for non-instructional staff. 

In 2018, the Stakeholders’ Climate Survey garnered 61,353 participants. The District wants to build on the momentum and increase response rates among all stakeholder groups this year.

The 2019 survey addresses three areas:

  • Engagement (cultural and linguistic competence, relationships, school participation)
  • Safety (bullying, emotional and physical safety)
  • Environment (instructional, physical, discipline, mental health)

Parent and community participants will have an opportunity to offer feedback via open-ended questions at the conclusion of the survey.

FWISD employees will receive a District email with the survey link. Campus principals are encouraged to set aside time during the next three weeks for students to participate in the survey while at school. 

Make your voice heard! Take a few moments to participate in the survey at Remember: the deadline is December 20.

Have additional questions? Please contact the Grants Compliance and Monitoring Department at 817-814-1850 or send an email to


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