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Get Involved!!

Dear Prospective Parrot Student Athlete, 

We Are Poly


Thank You for your interest in Polytechnic Clubs and Athletics. Please scan the QR code and complete the interest form. A coach or club sponsor will contact you regarding next steps. Please continue to share the form with your fellow classmates and teammates.


Here are some general expectations for our athletes:

  1. Student athletes that are part of Polytechnic Athletics will be better athletes and students for getting involved and being a part of The Poly Family.
  2. Your conduct on and off campus defines who you are. It’s also a reflection of Poly High School and the Coaching Staff. Your conduct should reflect the pride you have in your school, your coach, your team and yourself at all times.


Things to discuss with your coach:


  1. Inform your coach about prior athletic experience such as how long you’ve played the sport, what position you play and your confidence level on the field of play.
  2. Inform your coach about what you hope to learn from playing your sport. Discuss what goals you hope to achieve as part of the Poly Team.  
  3. Remember that you are a student first, so discuss ways your coach can help you succeed in your academics. You can’t be on the field if you can’t make the grades.
  4. Coaches have high expectations of you. Discuss mutual expectation with your coach and clarify anything you don’t understand completely.
  5. Please ensure that you talk about any challenges that might prevent you from completing the required physical forms and other processes. We’re here to help.


Below you will find information to help get you on the team. It is REQUIRED for ALL athletes.


Every athlete participating in Polytechnic Athletics MUST complete the following:



Every athlete must have a NEW FWISD Preparticipation Physical Form on file with the school's athletic training staff. It must be completed by a doctor and returned to the Athletic Training Staff. You will be unable to participate in games and practices until a new form has been completed and filed. 

Return all forms to the Athletic Training Staff (do not give to a coach, teacher or the main office).



Complete all Medical Emergency, Insurance and UIL Signature forms. 

Go to FWISD RankOneSports - click on "Proceed to Online Forms" near the bottom of the page
 Click the Electronic Participation Forms tab and complete and submit the electronic forms.

Make sure to submit ALL FORMS



Every athlete must complete a Baseline Concussion Test. 

A member of the athletic training or coaching staff will assist you in this process. Results will be provided to the athletic training staff who will notify your coach once a passing baseline score has been received. 

If NOT completed successfully, the athlete must reattempt the test until a passing baseline score is received. 

Thank You for your interest in Polytechnic High School Athletics.


Go Parrots!!