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Student Device Responsibilities

As a district, we work together to locate, allocate, and distribute thousands of student devices each month. Heading into the holiday season we normally see an upturn in student device breakage. To make the holidays merrier, please remember to keep student devices safe and secure!

As a reminder, the cost of device breakage which can range from $333.13 for an Acer Chromebook to 1,293.00 for a Hewlett Packard Z-Book. Leaving a charger at grandmother’s house can cost a family 23.00 plus. No one wants to start the New Year with a $159.00 bill for a cracked screen. Here is a link to the Student Device Fees:

FWISD devices are precious in this uncertain environment and critical to student learning. Please take care as best you can; be prepared to report any issues as soon as possible once we return from break.


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