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School Nurse

Medication at school:

Per FWISD policy,  students are not allowed to have any medication, either prescription or over-the-counter on their person while in school.  If your student requires medication (prescribed or over-the-counter), we must have a health care practitioner (physician, NP, or PA) order on file in the nurse’s office. Medication must be kept in the nurse’s office in a locked cabinet and administered by the nurse or nurse delegated personnel per the medication order.


Please ensure your student is up-to-date with their state's required immunizations.  Reminder emails were sent out on 09/08/2022 for any students who were not compliant at this time.  Acceptable evidence of vaccination should be submitted to me prior to September 30, 2022. Failure to complete the required vaccinations may result in exclusion from campus. For more information, contact me at (817) 814-8720 or visit: 


Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy school year! 

Nurse Lowe