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HST Participates in Cook Children's Disaster Drill

On the morning of October 11th, roughly twenty juniors in the HST Program participated as victims in a Disaster Exercise at Cook Children's Hospital.  The students learned first hand the process that occurs when a disaster in the community requires victims (patients) to be decontaminated before admission to the hospital for further evaluation and care. 

In this scenario, students played victims of a highway crash that involved a semi-trailer-truck transporting hazardous materials.  After initial evaluation at the scene of the incident, victims must be showered and scrubbed clean of any contaminants to prevent exposing hospital staff and existing patients to harmful toxins.  Normally all clothing and other items are removed during the procedure but this was a practice drill and we're not method actors.  But, we do play sick and hurt really well!  After the exercise, the hospital awarded the students with a pizza party for their willingness to get saturated.

Alex McCulloch, MFA, BS, BUS, LAT
Teacher, HSTE Program: Patient Care Technician, Clinical Rotations


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