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Gingerbread Houses 2018


See all the photos as the project unfolds!


It's that time of the year again where Culinary Arts and Architecture pull together for the ultimate Cross-Curricular Experience! We are thrilled that we are able to make this come to life once again.

WEEK #1:  Here's the beginning process of the challenge. Their themes this year have to be centered around a cartoon--any cartoon. The teaching process is for architecture to team up with the culinary students in teams. Teams consist of a few culinary students and a few architecture students. The teams will then decide their themes and their plan of action with articulated sketches from the architecture students and the creativity from the culinary students for the themed scenes. They will plan their themed display board.

As the process continues we will keep you up to date! We look forward to this collaborative learning project and hope to learn a ton from each other! Look for an email to vote the week before Christmas break on your favorite display. They will be displayed on the 1st floor by culinary arts. Stay tuned for more information and updates from our amazing teams!

WEEK #2:  After a week of planning and designing, the students are off and running in the kitchen building and creating their projects! Lots of baking, cutting, molding, measuring, sculpting, and fondant making happening! The architecture students are up to their elbows in confectioners sugar while learning to use basic baking techniques to design these sound structures. The culinary students are leaders in the kitchen teaching and creating these amazing designs. Here's a little showcase of the progress over the week of where these projects are evolving. Mr James Christensen and Chef Natasha Bruton are so proud to watch this magic take place. The students are taking this to a whole new level of learning! They are taking ownership in the process and learning from their mistakes. We have had so many ah-ha moments and have learned more and more every year we do this project. This is our 3rd time to work on this collaboration together, each time getting better and more rigorous! We look forward to showcasing their progress next week! Stay tuned!

--Chef Natasha Bruton
--James Christensen, Architecture