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Market Day 2018

Pop-Up Shop

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Market Day is our Entrepreneurship major's first-semester major project. The students developed a business plan that introduced a problem and a solution that will hopefully end up in a profit for their pop-up shop. Students applied and were given a small business loan for this project. Among the items for sale were:

-Homemade Tamales 
-Custom designed T-shirts 
-Chocolate covered strawberry boxes
-Festive Chocolate dipped pretzel rods
-Chocolate dipped pretzel rods with caramel 
-Fuzzy Socks 
-Spice flavored Gummies
-Chimoy Apples
-Dessert Shish-Ka-Bobs (Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Brownie)

Thanks to Entrepreneurship teachers O.J. Abanishe and Jayme Rodriguez for such an excellent project!