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Mavericks Game Ticket Winners!

Mavericks Ticket Winners


Press Release: We are excited to once again have the opportunity to recognize three of our outstanding students from Trimble Technical High School with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Through the generous donation from an organization that wishes to remain anonymous, three (3) of our students and one staff member will attend the December 8th, 2018 Dallas Mavericks Basketball game as they take on rival Houston Rockers and will sit courtside!

Students are being recognized for having overcame difficult circumstances and hardships to excel in the following areas:

Academic - positive contributor in class, demonstrated academic achievement or improvement in test and homework scores, excelled in contests for math, science, spelling, etc.;
Effort – consistently shows max effort through attendance, participation, etc.;
Improvement - measurable improvement in class grade, overall GPA, or in extracurricular activities;
Leadership - head of a school team or organization; preference for non-athletic or less mainstream groups such as chess, fine arts, band, math clubs, ballet, theatre, etc.;
Service - provided a significant amount of community service over the year;

Rose P. is a junior Trimble Technical High School student and is also a recent immigrant who has worked hard to learn the English language while taking mostly Pre-AP classes. Rosa is an extremely hard working and respectful student. Her ability to consistently show-up and improve is very impressive.

Orlando H. is a junior Trimble Technical High School student who came into the Culinary Arts program a very shy and out of place student. He said the first weeks that he never fit in anywhere, not being an athlete or in band or anything. He struggles with writing and with reading as well, but he's one of the smartest students in my course because he actually puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He was a finalist at FCCLA state last year with his Culinary Mathematics competition. He is eager for FCCLA competition season to start to showcase his talents and to be involved with his fellow classmates.

Manuel O. is a junior Trimble Technical High School student who attends tutorials regularly and is in constant communication with his teachers. Manuel is always open to constructive criticism knowing it will improve his academic outcome. He has never been anything but a polite and upbeat kid. Manuel works hard to improve the campus culture by being a member of UV4C. He strongly believes school should be a safe and welcoming place for ALL students and is an ideal bulldog that demonstrates PRIDE on a daily basis. He is the first person to welcome a new student and was very passionate about making sure Link Crew happened as he knows the benefit for incoming freshman.

Bulldogs, if you see these outstanding students please take the time to congratulate them and watch the Mavericks game on December 8th to catch a glimpse of these Bulldogs enjoying the game courtside!