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Congratulations to 2 New Teaching Chairs of Excellence!

Big news at Trimble Tech this morning! Principal Ramos hosted a surprise assembly for our TWO Chairs for Teaching Excellence. Congratulations to Art Teacher Alyssa Vallecorsa, recipient of the Angela D. Paulos Chair for Teaching Excellence in Visual Arts; and ELA Teacher Cassie Hanson, recipient of the Chase Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary English!  

Alyssa Vallecorsa

Alyssa Vallecorsa, Teaching Chair for Visual Arts


Cassie Hanson

Cassie Hanson, Teaching Chair for Secondary English




Picture from the Teaching Chairs Luncheon, 11-14-19:
(L-R: Principal Omar Ramos, Art Chair Alyssa Vallecorsa, ELA Chair Cassie Hanson)