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An Exciting Mavericks Game!

at the game


L-R:  Jonathan, Lance, Jayla

A charitable organization, acting on behalf of an anonymous donor, sent three of our students and one staff member to the Dallas Mavericks game last night. What a game and what an experience! Our students sat next to the Maverick basketball players in the front row, courtside seats, and became part of the action when Mavericks Luka Dončić went flying into the fans (our very own students), as tweeted out by @ESPN on twitter.

If you missed the game, catch the highlights and see our students via the NBA/ESPN highlight reel on YouTube.

When asked about their experience, Jonathan said he was excited because it was his first time to see a live basketball game! Lance thought it was funny that his picture was being used in memes, as the camera caught him at a time when he was not clapping or cheering as Luka Dončić went crashing into the group. Jayla could not stop smiling as she spoke about the food, the game, and the generous gift card she received and was able to buy souvenirs for herself and her friends.

The adult chaperone and the kids all reported having an amazing time, and two of the kiddos brought some of the swag they bought to school with them!

The donor wished to recognize students who have overcome difficult circumstances and hardships to excel in the areas of academics, effort, improvement, leadership and service. Each of the Bulldog students selected exemplify these characteristics.

On behalf of the entire Trimble Technical High School staff and students, we thank the generosity of the anonymous philanthropist for recognizing these students and providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience!



 Mavericks jersey