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1st Semester Final Exam Schedule

Printable PDF of 1st Semester Exam Schedule

Semester final exams (or culminating projects) are required for every student and these grades are 1/7 of the semester grade for a course.  In addition, this 1/7 grade is the only grade according to the 2019-2020 FWISD Guide to Grade Reporting that no make-ups are allowed. 

There are a number of important considerations that we need for parents, students, and teachers to understand.  In years past, the magic number was 210 to pass.  This is because (70 x 3) = 210 and if a student had 210 points, when divided by 3, would give a semester average of 70.  Now, each six weeks is worth 2/7 and the semester exam (or culminating project) is worth 1/7.  This means that the new magic number is 490.  This is because (70x7) = 490.  Each six weeks now counts double.  So, let’s look at a sample student:

Jimmy got a 72 the first six weeks and a 71 the second six weeks.  This means that Jimmy has now earned 286 of the needed 490 to pass the semester. (72 x 2 = 144) (71 x 2 = 142) and (142+144=286). 

This means Jimmy now needs 204 points, from which he has his 3rd six weeks grade times 2 and his semester exam to earn.

So, let’s say Jimmy is on pace to get another 72 for the 3rd six weeks.  This would give him 144 more points, leaving (204-144 = 60) 60 points that must be earned on the semester exam.

1st Semester Exams