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Success at VASE 2020!

VASE State

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Your Visual Arts Department would like to announce that TTHS Art Students competed at the annual Visual Arts Scholastic Exhibition (VASE) with stellar results! Below is the list of students who attended. This year, one of our students--Ximena Salazar--qualified to attend the VASE State competition in San Marcos. If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on a job well done!

*State Qualifier: Ximena Salazar, 10th

*Top Rating:
Amarie Williams, 11th
Fernanda Resendez Perez 11th
Rubi Perez, 11th
Rosemary Ortega, 12th
Guadalupe Hernandez, 11th
Rafael Aldaco, 12th
Ximena Paredes, 10th
Julissa Gomez, 10th
Leisla Herrera, 9th
Jesus Rivera, 9th
Michelle Moreno, 10th
Juan Orocio, 10th
Madison Sanchez, 11th
Cung Sang, 10th
Miranda Blanton, 9th
Diana Lucio, 9th

*Honorable Rating:
Daniela Hernandez, 12th
Haley Watson, 11th

Thank you to our wonderful Art Teachers for your excellent guidance:  Alyssa Vallecorsa, Dave West, and Allester Vinteers.

Bulldog Artists Rock!!