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Collaboration: Culinary & Architecture

From Chef Natasha Bruton & Architect James Christensen:

In November we started planning a project together. We have done many projects like this before, so Mr. Christensen and I decided to change it up a bit this year. We went bigger. We usually have 6 - 8 smaller gingerbread projects with a theme in mind and center around Christmas. This year, we decided to create an architecture design--something that is significant in the design of architecture. During December, we planned together with the architecture major students; we decided on a design, we learned about blue prints, structural development, and about scaling, just to name a few.

After Christmas break, we used all of that planning and made it happen in the kitchen. All of January (30 hours), the culinary seniors and the architect juniors have worked together to design these magnificent structures. The learning opportunities were endless. They learned as much about the project as they did some necessary soft skills like teamwork, how to plan and create timelines, how to delegate--some of the skills they are missing when it comes to the workforce. They also learned about themselves and the challenges they are able to take and use as a learning experience for growth. They were surprised at the amount of math and science that went into a project like this--architecture students thought we just cooked--like most do! They quickly learned that we do everything by scratch which means tons of math! They also had to study the structures and how they were designed during their time (social studies!). We can't forget about the English--they are all writing reflection essays! We had the team leads also write a little essay to go with their project.

After tons of powdered sugar, gingerbread, and food coloring, we present to you 3 larger scaled projects from our collaboration:

The Pyramids of Giza
The Taj Mahal
Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Please take a moment to go to the 2nd floor in front of the auditorium to check out their work. They turned out great! Lots of dedicated students came in on their waiver day, and have been here many days after school to make this happen. The projects are designed with STEM in mind.

We hope you enjoy the hard work and dedication that these students put into these projects. They are unique and we learned so much in the process.

Thank you all for your continued support! Please high five a culinary senior or an architect junior! (We will work on getting a photo of the students with their projects so you can identify your students!)

Pyramids of Giza      Taj Majal      Falling Waters