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New Construction Photos

Reeder General Contractors, Inc. have been busy!
Take a look at the progress on our building!🥰


We think this is looking in from the outside of the building
into the old Room 218. A cabinet use to be on the left wall
(that is not a door).


Did we mention that the Cinder Block Front Facade
is coming down?  


The Hedge lives!!! The Force is strong with this one.


This is the area that our science classrooms use to take up.
Rooms 206, 208, 210, 214, and the entrance
(front doors--you can see to the right). At the far end
on the other side of the old entrance is rooms 216 and 218.


In this picture you can see the front hallway where three trophy cases
use to stand in the entrance foyer as well as the
insides of Room 216 and 218.


The cinder block facade and windows for rooms 216 and 218
are now gone. They are now boarding it up to prevent
mother nature from damping our progress inside.