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In-Person Transition Information

Starting October 5, we will begin the transition for in-person learners to return to campus.  This is ONLY for those students who chose in-person.

 WELLNESS SELF-CHECK LINK - Please do BEFORE arriving to school or getting on a bus.

 IN Person Transition Procedures Video:


ALL LEARNERS, both virtual and in-person will follow the new bell schedule below.


Transition Schedule:

October 5/7 - 9th Graders

October 13/15 - 10th Graders

October 19/21 - 11th and 12th Graders

Cohort Model - Green and Gold:

Last Names A-L  GREEN group

Last Names M-Z  GOLD group

Hybrid Learning:  Students who chose IN-PERSON will go to school 2-3 days a week depending on the calendar.  The days they are not in-person will be virtual days.  

GREEN - In-person Mon/Tues (unless there is a holiday, see calendar)

GOLD - In-person Wed/Thur (unless there is a holiday, see calendar)

GREEN & GOLD - Rotates in-person learning every Friday