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Procedures for Arrivals & Dismissals

  1. All day absences
    1. Within 5 school days – please email the attendance office with your child’s name, ID number, grade, and reason for the absence. Also, please upload a copy of the parent’s photo ID and doctor’s note (if you have one)
  2. Late Arrivals
    1. Students enter through main front doors and proceeds to the attendance office.
    2. Student will sign the Late Arrival Clipboard
    3. If the student was late due to an appointment, the student must bring the doctor’s note with them to the attendance office and give to the office staff. The office staff will update the attendance and give the student a receipt.
  3. Early Dismissals
    1. Parent will email Ms. Rodriguez ( 3 hours BEFORE the dismissal. The email should include the student’s name, ID number, and grade.  The parent should also upload a copy of their photo ID. 
    2. Student will come by the attendance office during any passing period before the dismissal time to get their early dismissal pass.
    3. At dismissal time, the parent remains in the car. The student shows the pass to the teacher. The student meets the parent at the car.
    4. If the student returns to school the SAME day, the student should bring the doctor’s note to the attendance office upon arrival.
    5. If the student does not return until the next school day, the parent should email a copy of the doctor’s note to the attendance office.