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Oscar Dean Wyatt 2019 Graduation Instructions

Graduation Instructions for the Class of 2019:

  1. SENIOR BREAKFAST: We will have a senior breakfast on May 29th at 8:30 a.m.  ALL seniors are to report to the outside gym.  If you paid for breakfast, you will need your ticket to be able to eat.  If you chose not to eat, please sit in the bleachers.  We will have awards presentations and speakers during breakfast before heading to rehearsal.  This is mandatory for all seniors.
  2. REHEARSAL:  10:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. on May 29th at Wilkerson-Greines – NO PARENTS or FAMILY and students are NOT allowed to drive their own car.  We will depart on the buses around 10:15 a.m. to go to the rehearsal.  We will return to O.D. Wyatt around 12:45 p.m.  Seniors will report back to the outside gym and go to 2nd  After lunch, seniors may finish any remaining final exams or missing work OR go home IF you have a written EARLY DISMISSAL from your parent/guardian.  Seniors WILL NOT be allowed to wander campus.  If you are done with classwork and exams, then you need to stay in the outside gym until 3:33 p.m. if you did not get an early dismissal.  There will be lunch available in the cafeteria.  Seniors that need to wait on the busses will wait in the outside gym. 
  3. FINAL SENIOR CHECK-OUT:  Check-out is Friday, May 31stAll seniors must attend school on Friday, May 31st for final checkout sheets to be signed before being cleared to participate in graduation.  Checkout will be based on the order of arrival – if you check in and leave, you will lose your place.  Attendance will be taken for periods 1 & 2.  Seniors that fail to report to school on Friday May 31st may become ineligible to graduate on June 2nd due to attendance and will not receive their diploma at graduation.  Jackson will be in the gym taking attendance and collecting completed check-out sheets.  Seniors will be released at 12:23 p.m. on 1:10pm May 31st – school lunch will be available.  You may get an early dismissal after 10:30 a.m. if you have completed your final checkout AND have a written early dismissal note from your parent/guardian.  If you are riding the bus on May 31st,  we will dismiss you as soon as the busses arrive on campus.
  4. GRADUATION EXERCISE: Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 2nd - DON’T BE LATE.  You need to arrive no later than 4 p.m. to clear the check in process, find your spot, and line up for the ceremony before parents arrive. 
  5. NO PURSES, BAGS, SHOES, etc. – all items brought must fit in your envelope. Car keys and phones only!!!!
  6. CAPS OFF: BOYS—remove caps during the national anthem and alma mater.  GIRLS—pin cap on with bobby pins if the cap does not fit firmly.
  7. BOYS’ ATTIRE: Boys must have a WHITE collared shirt – preferred white shirt/button in the front with collar – as well as dress pants (black or other dark color), dark tie, dress shoes (black or other dark color), and dark socks.  You will not be permitted to walk at the ceremony if you are not dressed appropriately and are not in the correct cap and gown.
  8. GIRLS’ ATTIRE: Dresses/skirts (not longer than your robe) or dark pants and dress shoes (black or other dark color or skin tone).  No overly large earrings. Pin the white collar to your gown with safety pins (today) or lightly sew with white thread BEFORE the ceremony so you don’t lose it and it doesn’t fall off during the ceremony.  Do not use the sticky labels that came in your package. You will not be permitted to walk at the ceremony if you are not dressed appropriately and are not in the correct cap and gown.
  9. MORTAR BOARDS – You will not be permitted to walk if your cap is decorated inappropriately or has décor under/below the mortar board – it will be confiscated. If you do not have a cap, you cannot participate in the ceremony – no exceptions.  All mortar boards will be inspected the morning of the ceremony during check-in.  Mortar boards may only be decorated with college, career, or military aspirations.
  10. TASSEL: Worn on right front.  Make sure you have it!!
  11. PHOTOGRAPHS: Advise your parents and friends that photographs with caps and gowns must be taken before the ceremony at home or outside the arena after the ceremony.  There will be NO floor access for photos during the ceremony.
  13. STUDENTS MUST FOLLOW PROPER DECORUM AT THE CEREMONY: Disruptive behavior may result in immediate removal from the program, police intervention and citation, holding diploma, or notation on the transcript.
  14. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES – these must be placed in your envelope. No cell phones or electronic devices (such as cameras or GoPros) allowed on the arena floor.
  15. DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION: You will be exiting nearest Gate 4 at the close of the ceremony.  There will be tables set up at the exit by gate 4 where you will pick up your diploma envelopes with your keys and phones.  Please make sure you stop at the correct alpha table and pick up your envelope as quickly as possible and move on to find your family and friends. You may want to advise your families of where to find you after the ceremony.  No one will be allowed to return into the center for photos after the ceremony.
  16. NO DIPLOMA: Those not receiving a diploma on Sunday may pick up their diploma at O.D. Wyatt between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday AFTER paying/clearing all fines.
  17. SECURITY: Advise your family and friends to arrive 30 minutes early to pass through security and be seated prior to the ceremony starting.  The ceremony will start promptly at 5:00 p.m.
  18. NO NOISE-MAKERS/AIR HORNS/BEACH BALLS:  These will be confiscated, and the offender(s) will be immediately removed from ceremony.
  19. FOLLOWING PROCESSIONAL: Remain standing for the national anthem.  Boys, REMOVE your CAPS.  Remain standing until prompted to sit.
  20. ROW RISE AND BE SEATED: All at the same time, on signal from sponsors
  21. NAME CARDS: Please wait at the edge of the platform for the announcer to take your name card and wait until your name is called before walking across the stage. 
  22. RETURN TO ROW AND SEAT: After receiving your diploma, you will return to your row and remain standing until the entire row is ready to be seated together.  Again, watch for the signal, but it is best if you just pay attention to what is going on around you J
  23. TASSEL CHANGE OVER: Before the alma mater, class officers will move to the podium and face the class.  Class will rise all together – at the signal.  With right hands, class officers will move the tassel to the left side, the class will follow in unison and remain standing.  DO NOT THROW YOUR CAPS YET!!!!!!!!
  24. ALMA MATER: Played by the band.  Boys remove caps.  Senior class and staff will sing the alma mater.  When the alma mater ends, you may throw your hats in the air.  Do not throw them too high or you may not be able to find yours at the end.  If you plan on throwing your cap, then please make sure you write your name on the inside of the cap.  If a cap lands near you, just pick it up and take it with you outside when you leave.  You can leave the extra caps at the checkout table for the owners to recover if they wish.  It is recommended that you put your name inside your cap if you want to get it back J
  25. RECESSIONAL: Watch for the signal for your row to dismiss through the middle aisle and then around the outside to walk past your teachers to say one final goodbye.
  26. PROGRAMS: A copy of the program will be placed on your chair for you to keep as a memento.
  28. ASK YOUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS TO REMAIN FOR THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. It is very disruptive when people in the audience get up during the ceremony or talk during the ceremony.   This may cause someone to miss their own child’s name being called or miss seeing their child walk across the stage.
  29. FINAL CHECK BEFORE LEAVING FOR REHEARSAL: Be sure you have all the necessary graduation items, i.e. cap, gown, tassel, white robe collar (girls), honor cord(s)/pin/stole. Remember to steam or press your gown on medium to low heat before the ceremony.



Graduation Ceremony Location:

Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center

5201 Ca Roberson
Fort Worth, TX 76119


For Cap and Gown orders/issues:

Herff  Jones