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Chaparral THRIVE Market Survey

Together Harnessing Resources to give Individuals Voice and Empowerment (THRIVE) is a Texas Health Resources initiative that is partnering with Aetna and O.D. Wyatt High School to build and support an on-campus grocery store. The Chaparral THRIVE Market aims to improve access to food and other resources. The grocery store will initially open to students on campus, with the goal of eventually opening to the public.


In January, O.D. Wyatt students will have the opportunity to participate in a survey that will help determine how to best support their food and economic needs. The survey includes questions on food access, individual needs, and community support. Survey participation is voluntary. Students will be asked to enter their Student ID which will be used to create a unique code so that all responses will be anonymous. Survey data will be used to determine the types and amounts of goods needed in order to adequately stock the store and eventually expand its access to the public.


A copy of the survey questions can be accessed by clicking this link. To opt out of the survey, please contact the O.D. Wyatt office by Friday, January 12, 2024.