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Every Monday from 2:15 - 3:00 pm we will have Tiger Time! This is a time for you to relax, have fun, and get to know one another. You may choose which room you would like to go to. Here are some options:

Mrs. Baker : Relax by emptying your mind and coloring an object. If you go to this class, ask Mrs. Baker about teaching you all how to cross stitch CODE: Google meets OfficeHoursBBakerScience

Mrs. Gilbride: Journaling and drawing CODE: xkrfyx5 in google classroom then click on her google meets link in that classroom

Ms. Stout: Like to write? Creative Writing CODE: xuquabx6

Ms. Wheeler : Just "Chilling with Ms. Wheeler" CODE: jg6blau

Ms. DiazPadron: Let's talk about what's going on...Current events and social movements CODE Link:

Ms. Checka: Creating cool lettering CODE: xwgngsh

Ms. Householder: Virtual Nature Walk. CODE link:

Ms. Torbert: Hanging out...CODE: 6ugcz6g

Mr. Haro: Let's Talk Sports..ESPN Mr. Haro style. CODE zj2oa4d

Mrs. Ware: Hanging out and chilling. CODE link:

Mrs. Richards: Hanging out and chilling CODE: Go to her Website to get the code

Ms. Brandt and Mr. Montanez: PAX video game conference CODE link:

Mrs. Lopera: Watch Rebelde CODE Link:

Mrs. Wood: Hanging out and talking Great performances CODE: enter in Google meets woodsoffice

Mr. Najera: Art is everything CODE:

Mrs. Barnes: Snack time..CODE google classroom code: mgfzoqqt

Mrs. Saqer: It's All about Yoga! CODE google classroom: rmgpmro

Mrs. Jackson: TIK TOK training with 80's music CODE Link: