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Clinic Forms

Med Authorization Form- for a student needing any kind of medicine at school including over the counter meds, inhalers, epi-pens, seizure meds
Self-Administration of Med Form - If you want your student to carry his inhaler or epi-pen on their person this must be filled out and signed by doctor and parent.
Specialized Health Procedure Forms- If your student is going to have an epi-pen or possibly need a nebulizer treatment, or any procedure done during school hours ( catheterization, tube feed, specialized seizure meds) this must be filled out by doctor and signed by parent.
Food Allergy Forms- If your student has a food allergy and will require and Epi-pen at school, and you want the cafeteria to know fill out the dietary forms, and a meeting will be set up with the cafeteria manager.  Also, fill out the Allergy Emergency Care Plan, by doctor and parent- under Food Allergy Forms. If you do not want the cafeteria involved still fill out the Allergy Emergency Care Plan by doctor and parent.