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State approves innovative TXWES, Fort Worth ISD partnership

Fort Worth, Texas - The Leadership Academy Network—a first-of-its-kind partnership between Texas Wesleyan University (TXWES) and Fort Worth ISD, designed to maintain and grow student success at five once-struggling PK-8 campuses—has received final approval from the Texas Education Agency. 

Under the agreement, a specialized team in the TXWES School of Education will operate and manage Fort Worth ISD’s Leadership Academies, drawing on expertise in curriculum, instruction, administration and student development. The Network will include a TXWES student teacher program to train future educators in innovative methods.

Schools will officially join the Network for the 2019-20 year and continue to follow the education model implemented by Fort Worth ISD in 2017. Featuring highly effective educators, an extended school day and programs to strengthen student character and behavior, among other benefits, the Leadership Academy approach is linked to improved outcomes at all participating schools.

The partnership is made possible by Texas Senate Bill 1882, or the Texas Partnership Opportunity, which provides financial incentives for school districts to expand the diversity of school options, bring in targeted expertise and empower school leaders and partners with greater autonomy.

The TXWES and Fort Worth ISD boards voted in early 2019 to establish the Leadership Academy Network; in May, TXWES appointed Priscila Dilley as the Network’s senior officer. Dilley launched and led the Leadership Academy initiative in her previous role as Fort Worth ISD’s Office of Innovation and Transformation.


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