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Love My Supplies - 21/22 SY

Love My Supplies 

Please select the package(s) for the grade(s) that each of your children will be entering for the 2021-2022 school year.  Thank you for your order and for helping your school.  A percentage of your order will go to your school's PTA!

The amount for each package includes the supplies listed for the respective grade(s), tax and delivery to your school for pick up at Meet the Teacher. Due to COVID-19 shortages, there are certain items that are not available at this time.  These items are not included in the package, and you will need to purchase these separately.  You will receive a confirmation from SchoolPay by email to let you know that your order has been received.  If you do not receive your confirmation, we will not have your order.  Please contact LoveMySupplies as soon as possible if you do not receive a confirmation to confirm that we have received your order at (817)926-3209 or by email at

***No Refunds or Credits.