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Fort Worth Salutes the #FWISDClassof2020 on May 28, 2020

Thursday, May 28, will be a very special day for the Fort Worth ISD Class of 2020. The District is asking everyone to salute the graduating seniors and show their appreciation for the significant milestone they have achieved.billboard1

And, while the entire day is devoted to celebrating the 4,928 graduates, Fort Worth ISD requests that everyone stop what they are doing at 8:20 p.m. for a literal “shout out.” That hour and minute were chosen because, in military time, it is 20:20. It’s also 10 minutes before sunset on that day! 

The District is also asking everyone to share their celebratory comments and photos on social media – starting immediately – using the hashtag #FWISDClassof2020. Whether it’s a photo of your graduating student or praise for a group or an individual school, let’s spread the love – and the likes! – on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Everyone is encouraged to post multiple times and inspire the rest of our community to do the same.

Additionally, billboards are going up all around town in celebration of these students who –because of Coronavirus -- have had to forgo many of the exciting events associated with their senior year. “Accomplished, determined, resilient” are the words being used to praise this special group of graduates. billboard2

But the public is encouraged to make their own signs and banners and display them proudly in their neighborhoods!

See attached photos of the billboard celebrating this history-making class. 


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