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McLean is utilizing itslearning to enrich the learning oportunities of our students. McLean teachers communicate expectations and learning objectives, provide content in multiple media formats, and schedule events using the course’s calendar. Students and parents can access class materials at Simply log-in using the student's AD username and password: and FiLa.050. 

What is itslearning?

Itslearning is a learning management system used to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.  With itslearning, McLean students have the ability to access information and resources as well as interact with teachers and other learners through discussion forums and other tools regardless of location. 

Advantages for using itslearning:

  • Preparing students for high school and college; same format used by FWISD high schools as well as many universities
  • Increased collaboration between stakeholders: teacher to teacher; teacher to student; teacher to parent
  • Better utilization of class time, increased rigor and student success through flipped and blended learning
  • Important student information for all classes is available in one place
  • Preparing McLean for the next phase of FWISD’s 1:1 initiative