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Upcoming Events related to Progression Plans/ Course Request

Attention all 8th graders & your parents,

The McLean counselors will host an 8th-grade high school information meeting…Tuesday, January 11th at 6:00 pm in the McLean Auditorium.


During this meeting, we will discuss all things high school, including information regarding your schedule for next year.  We have counselors from Paschal HS and South Hills HS here to answer all of your high school questions.


Please come out with your parents for this important meeting.


See one of the McLean counselors for more information.

Upcoming Events related to Progression Plans/ Course Request


January 11th – 8th Grade Parent Meeting – 6:00 pm

Things to discuss 8th grade parent night

Guide to Graduation – Requirements & Credits



Progression Plan / Course request


January 14th – 8th Grade Progression Plan/Course Request – Social Studies Classes

Carrillo – Adams

Green – Dodd

Houston-Martin – Adkins

Mcmillian – Adkins (one 8th grade class 1st period)


January 19th – Elective Night (6th and 7th grades)


January 20th – 7th Progression Plan/Course request – Social Studies Classes

Mcmillian – Adkins

Rubino – Adkins (one 7th grade class 1st period)

Ortiz – Adams

Perreault – Dodd