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Atwood McDonald Elementary's New Outdoor Classroom: Designed to Spark Curiosity and Stimulate Imagination

Atwood McDonald Elementary is dedicated to providing the best experience for its students when they return in August. They have undertaken an exciting project in collaboration with OutTeach to create an outdoor classroom, to ignite a passion for learning. The school is transforming its courtyard into an engaging learning space designed to empower young minds.

On June 6, 2023, volunteers gathered at 1850 Barron Lane to bring this vision to life. They are working together to build a platform for Reader's Theater, weatherized whiteboards, math stations, flexible seating, and carefully installed raised garden beds adorned with vibrant flowers and plants. Each feature is designed to spark curiosity and stimulate imagination in our students.

This event represents the spirit of Atwood McDonald Elementary—a community united by the shared goal of student academic achievement. Generous donations from the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), a $100,000 corporate sponsorship from NCR, and the dedicated efforts of volunteers demonstrate their commitment to changing lives.

Principal Khristina Goady proudly shared, "Our vision is to prepare global leaders who are socially, emotionally, and occupationally ready through educational excellence. The creation of our outdoor classroom and school garden will help us achieve this vision."

The captivating outdoor classroom will serve as a space where students can grow, learn, and thrive in an environment tailored to their educational journey.

Enjoy the pictures  and check out the video from this event!


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