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An Evening of Mind-Stimulating Competition at Fort Worth ISD

Fort Worth ISD Whiz Quiz teams went head-to-head in the big finals matches at the FWISD District Service Center Thursday night, where McLean 6th Grade, McLean Middle School, and Paschal High School won their respective championships.  

Familiar and new faces filled the room, including FWISD Trustees, Ann Darr, Anael Luebanos, and Dr. Mike Ryan. Superintendent Ramsey helped kick-off the evening with the help of Students from Southwest High School’s award-winning Advanced Media Program.  

Former CBS 11 Meteorologist Jeff Jamison served as moderator and asked the questions. Mr. Jamison was a Whiz Quiz competitor while a student at Western Hills High School. 

The night was filled with energy, tension, and excitement.  The Southwest High School Jazz Ensemble kept things moving by playing Christmas music between matches.  

And, audience member brainpower was tested during a Whiz Quiz favorite, “Are Your Smarter Than a Whiz Quizzer.” Who knew Barbie had a last name? 

The District streamed the matches on YouTube and aired them live on Spectrum 192.