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Fort Worth ISD Community Opinions Wanted

Just hours remain to offer feedback via the 2018 Fort Worth ISD Stakeholders’ Climate Survey, and students we need you to be part of the process.

The survey, which was originally scheduled to close March 16, will remain open through April 13, allowing everyone from elementary students to the community at large to participate.

Survey results will provide rich data about the current climate and culture in Fort Worth ISD. The District will use this and other data when making future key decisions. 

The survey is open to students in grades three through 12; parents and guardians; school administrators at all levels; all teachers; non-instructional staff; central administration and district staff; and the community at large.

The survey will cover engagement, safety and environment. The engagement section will include cultural and linguistic competence, relationships and school participation. The safety section will include items about bullying, emotional safety and physical safety. The items about environment will address instructional, physical, discipline and mental health.

Dr. Stacy M. Burrell of the Grants Compliance & Monitoring Department said the survey data will provide information about what is working well and will identify critical gaps and opportunities for improvement. 

“This process provides a lens into the thinking and perceptions of our stakeholders in which improvement strategies can be developed and successes can be celebrated,” Dr. Burrell said. “Survey results will also establish a ‘Culture of Conversations with Data’ that is based upon best practices,” she said.

The District can use the survey data to help make decisions in a variety of areas, including Campus Needs Assessments and Campus Educational Improvement Plans.  Data will be available in an online reporting tool that can easily make district-level and school-level comparisons. It is important for the District to have as many people participate in the survey as possible in order to have enough data when making future decisions.

“Collecting perception data benefits district and school leadership in an ongoing continuous process, and all stakeholders play a part,” Dr. Burrell said.

For information about the survey contact the Grants Compliance and Monitoring Department at 817-814-1850 or via e-mail at  


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